Get Your First Look At Daisy Ridley’s STAR WARS Character (Kinda)

Aside from his random, artsy photos on Twitter that don’t really show all that much (and some spy shots), JJ Abrams is, shockingly, keeping a pretty tight lid on Star Wars: Episode 7. And one thing he’s making it a particular point to hold back as long as he can is information about the new characters. Thankfully, Jason Ward of got a very good look at one of them.

Ward was able to get a peek at some of the concept art for Daisy Ridley’s character (largely assumed to be Han and Leia’s daughter) and, while he couldn’t get an actual copy of it, he has a description and some sketches.


I had trouble with the loose free-flowing scarf, so I didn’t depict it. She has a ton of detail and gadgets on the costume, so please forgive me for any ambiguities. The pants reminded me of Boba Fett’s pants (they’re not). The knee pads, chest and scarf are a dark blue. The pants are grey. Her arms are a white “bone” looking padding, tied off with brown straps. My sketch looks like she has a hat brim but that is supposed to be a transparent visor. It’s like a solid piece of glass or plastic and you can see her eyes through it. The stances below are nearly identical to the art I was shown.


I believe when we are introduced to the character, she has all the gear on. When she returns from finding what she finds, she is dressed in the “gear off” costume. I also have heard the concept art depicted above are the costumes used in the film, but they’re a little less complex and busy in reality. It sounds like they needed to make them more practical for filming and movement, but that’s just a guess.


Notice the lightsaber in her hand, I’m wondering whose it is. Is it hers, given her parentage, or is it Luke’s? After all, the film’s plot is rumored to revolve around Ridley and John Boyega’s characters returning Luke’s lost weapon.

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