Superhero Comedies Are Finally Coming Back

It’s been far too long that dour and serious have ruled comic books and their adaptations. Hell, even the very funny Guardians of the Galaxy opened with an incredibly depressing fridging. Which is why if you like some straight-up comic in your comic book stuff this was a very good weekend.

Rumblings started floating around the internet about two different superhero comedies making their way back to TV.

Deadline’s reporting that Fox is bringing back The Greatest American Hero. The 80s series featured a teacher who found a suit that gave him superpowers, but he lost the instructions and had to figure out how it worked for himself. It’s a safe bet that the new series will follow the same format but the suit will be more high-tech, maybe something like the ones from the GI Joe movie.

If your expectations are a little low, let me alleviate those fears. The show’s coming from Phil Lord and Chris Miller, the guys behind The Lego Movie and the Jump Street reboot. So, you know, taking things that shouldn’t be good and making them amazing is kind of their deal.

The other big news is still a rumor at this point, but oh please let it turn out to be true. According to People (the magazine, not just random ones on the street) Amazon is looking to resurrect the short-lived live-action Tick series, and that both creator Ben Edlund and star Patrick Warburton have already signed on to come back with it. No word yet on if we’ll see David Burke, Nestor Carbonell and Liz Vassey as Arthur, Batmanuel and Captain Liberty, respectively.


This all is especially good news considering the recent (most-likely bullshit) talk of a completely jokeless DC movie universe.

Skott Stotland is a thousand monkeys in a man suit. He has been writing for the internet for over a decade.

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