New SPIDER-MAN Cartoon To Feature Miles And Gwen Because Disney Wants Us To Be Happy

When Disney announced last year that their Ultimate Spider-Man cartoon would be ending this month to make way for a new “back-to-basics” series it left fans wondering what, exactly, that meant. Thanks to some leaked images we now have a hint and it’s a little less basic than anyone expected.

And I’m pretty thrilled.

Fractured Pixels got their hands on some style guide art and potential merchandise for Marvel’s Spider-Man. A series that “follows the teenage years of Spider-Man, as an unsure but courageous Peter Parker has to figure out how to be a superhero from the very beginning” and will the wall-crawler joined by Miles Morales and Spider-Gwen.

Here’s just a sampling of the art.



I’m really hoping this is the style of the animation because damn this looks nice.


sm_sg16_6 sm_sg16_9

(I love how expressive that Spidey is.)

Though sadly the show will feature a more classic Venom and not the Agent Venom take on the character.


Even though I really dug Ultimate Spider-Man, I’m pretty excited about this new iteration. Because how could i not be?


(This may or may not definitely be the new wallpaper on my phone.)



Greg Berlanti, co-creator of like 2/3 of the shows on the WB, is getting back in the movie game. Deadline is reporting that Warner Bros has tapped Berlanti to direct its upcoming remake of Little Shop of Horrors, and like the 1986 version it will be a musical.

Berlanti (whose only directing credits are the films The Broken Hearts Club: A Romantic Comedy, Life as We Know It and the pilot for the TV series Political Animals) will work from a script by Matthew Robinson, who wrote the Ricky Gervais comedy The Invention of Lying and – sigh – the upcoming Monster Trucks.

It’s still unknown if the film will use the same songs or not.

One hopes, though, that Berlanti will continue to work with Flash‘s Grant Gustin, who is almost as perfect for Seymour as Rick Moranis was.


Fingers crossed for Ariana Grande as Audrey 1 and James Franco as the dentist. (Not kidding. Think about it.)



It’s a good weekend to be a Guardians of the Galaxy fan. First came the announcement trailer for the new video game from Telltale. Then we got the second trailer for the upcoming vol 2.


There’s not a whole lot in the game footage. It pretty much just lets you know it’s a thing that exists, but it’s fun nonetheless.

According to the press release, “players will take on multiple roles within the ragtag band of heroes, and take the pilot’s seat in directing their escapades around the universe.” With five team members and five episodes, it’s easy to assume that you’ll play as a different character in each episode. Personally, I’d love it if all the episodes ran concurrently with the same events being seen through a different character’s point of view.

While reaction to Batman: The Telltale Series has been mixed, the Borderlands games have more than earned Telltale the benefit of the doubt. This is definitely something to keep an eye out for.

More exciting is the Guardians 2 trailer, which seems to be entirely new footage.

Absolutely everything about this is wonderful. Baby Groot is exactly as adorable and badass as we all hoped and once again, Dave Bautista’s Drax is the franchise’s not-so-secret weapon.

And, really, did anyone ever expect to see Mantis in a movie? Freaking Mantis?!?


Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series comes out for consoles, PC and mobile devices sometime next year. Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2 hits theatres May 5, 2017.


Genndy Tartakovsky’s Luke Cage Series Is Actually Happening. Really.

You know Genndy Tartakovsky. He’s the mind behind Dexter’s Lab and Samurai Jack. The first Clone Wars cartoon and Hotel Transylvania. The drone fight in Iron Man 2.

You know Genndy Tartakovsky.

Following the return of Samurai Jack to Cartoon Network’s Toonami block, comes the revival of another of his long-thought-dead projects. Tartakovsky’s Luke Cage comic for Marvel is going to hit stands in October. For real.


First announced almost a decade ago, the miniseries, called simply Cage!, will be both written and drawn by the animator and set in a continuity-free 1970s. Hell yes.

Thanks to BirthMoviesDeath, we even have a look at a page from the first issue.


The art’s a little Kyle Baker, a little Ralph Bakshi, and a whole lot of himself. In blaxploitation-style Luke Cage book. Tartakovsky’s hitting all of my happy buttons. I can’t wait for this one.

Here’s Marvel’s solicit for issue #1 –

CAGE! #1 (of 4)


From the Award-Winning creator of Dexter’s Laboratory, Samurai Jack and Hotel Transylvania! On the mean streets of Harlem, shoes are big, shirts are large, bottoms are belled and crime is rampant! But in the heart of the city, the world’s hardest-working, smack-talking, chain-wearing super hero is on the street and on the case! And his rates are reasonable! He’s CAGE! and he’ll save your behind. Dig it!

You can check out an interview with Tartakovsky about the new book over at BirthMoviesDeath.



We’re Back With Some Big News

It’s been a while since The Nerd Signal’s had an update and for that I’m sorry. The reason, not so much.


Your humble Editor-in-Chief was taking a bit of paternity leave because in March my wife and I adopted a wonderful three year-old girl named Bea. I simply have not had the time to look at my computer, let alone write anything (or, hell, sleep) for months.

We’re finally getting enough of a routine that I’ll be able to get some work done, even if it’s not as regular as it used to be. So stay tuned for the return of The Nerd Signal and our forthcoming spin-off blog focusing on raising up the next generation of little nerds.

I – and my newly expanded family – thank you for your patience.



Least Surprising News You’ll Hear All Day – The PUNISHER Netflix Series Is A Go

It really was inevitable. We all assumed it was going to happen and now Entertainment Weekly has confirmed it. The Punisher is getting his own show on Netflix.

EW has learned that Marvel has ordered a [Punisher] spin-off starring the vigilante character introduced in Daredevil season 2.


Jon Bernthal will reprise his role as vengeful military veteran Frank Castle, who brings his own lethal form of justice to Hell’s Kitchen.


Writer and executive producer Steve Lightfoot (Hannibal, Casualty) will serve as showrunner.

There’s even a promo image already.


This is the sixth Netflix series for Marvel. If you include the two ABC shows there are more Marvel TV shows than film series. That’s a little nuts, right?



I’ve long held the belief that LEGO Star Wars is the best Star Wars. And in June there will be even more of that blocky galaxy far, far away to love with the debut of The Freemaker Adventures.


Premiering on Disney XD, the show – set between Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi – follows a family of scavengers who get caught up in the Rebellion. Here’s how the press release describes the show:

The series stars three Freemaker siblings who scour the galaxy for useful debris that they use to build new vehicles of their own design. Rowan, the spunky Force-sensitive 12-year-old with a thirst for adventure, is voiced by newcomer Nicolas Cantu. His quick-witted older sister, Kordi, voiced by Vanessa Lengies (Glee), manages the family business and is the glue that holds the family together. Ace pilot and charming rogue Zander, voiced by Eugene Byrd (Arrow), is the oldest brother and the family’s self-proclaimed starship connoisseur. Lucasfilm’s Matthew Wood voices R0-GR, also known as Roger, a refurbished battle droid from the Clone Wars adopted by the Freemaker family.


The humorous and action-packed tale of good versus evil begins when Rowan discovers the Kyber Saber, an ancient artifact with a powerful connection to the Force. Their world is turned upside down as they are thrown into an epic struggle against the Empire to restore peace and freedom to the galaxy. Throughout their adventures, the Freemakers learn the true value of what it means to be a family.

Admittedly, this does not sound like the best concept for a show. In fact, it sounds kind of awful. However, the LEGO Star Wars series has been consistently fantastic, easily my favorite of the Star Wars parodies (Phineas and Ferb being second and Family Guy not even in the running). If any franchise has earned the benefit of the doubt, it’s this one.

Besides I was wrong when I said the same thing about Sleepy Hollow before it aired.


LEGO Star Wars: The Freemaker Adventures debuts on June 20th at 10 am, so set your DVR. In the meantime, check out these new shorts set between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens.


Don’t Be Afraid Of No GHOSTBUSTERS

The trailer for Paul Feig’s Ghostbusters reboot has been a long time coming. Its delay has sadly encouraged the worst kind of fanboys and their sad, pathetic nerd rage. “If the movie was any good, why don’t they release the trailer?” Well, the trailer is here and it’s time to quit complaining, because it’s made of joy.

How could someone not love this? The ghost designs are fantastic. The cast has wonderful chemistry. I’m currently super in love with Kate McKinnon’s Holtzmann.


And oh yea, it’s really funny.

There are more than a few callbacks to the original films but with enough new ghosts and tech and plot to show it’s clearly not a straight remake.


The new Ghostbusters is looking pretty good. Can we all stop worrying and whining about it now?


Why Casting A White IRON FIST Might Be The Progressive Option

For months now, large portions of the internet (myself included) have been calling for Marvel to cast an Asian actor as Danny Rand in their upcoming Iron Fist Netflix series. Unfortunately That Hashtag Show (a site you’ve probably never heard of) is reporting that Game of Thrones‘ Finn Jones has won the role.


The Iron Fist casting has always been a contentious proposition with valid arguments on both sides. Keeping Rand white as he is in the comics continues the White Savior trope with a white guy coming in and being a better martial artist than all the Asian people around him. If they went with an Asian actor they’d be reinforcing the All Asians Are Ninjas stereotype. Marvel was kind of screwed. Or were they?

There is one huge aspect of Marvel’s Netflix shows that people are overlooking. These are series steeped in social commentary. Daredevil was essentially Matt Murdock vs gentrification. Jessica Jones took sexism and rape culture head on. Luke Cage will, we’ve been assured, deal with the racism inherent in our justice system. It’s hard to imagine that Iron Fist won’t continue this trend.

Danny Rand is a wealthy white man from a wealthy family. He hasn’t dealt with the kind of issues the rest of the Defenders have. Racism, classism, sexism, ableism – these are concerns he’s never had. They are, however, part of the privilege he’ll have to admit to and confront for both the character and the series to work.

It’s important to remember that even That Hashtag Show admits this is a rumor they’ve yet to able to confirm. But if it is true, having an Iron Fist series that will deal with its lead’s white privilege might not be the worst thing.


There’s An R-Rated Cut Of BATMAN V SUPERMAN Because Why The Hell Not

The fallout from Deadpool‘s success has been quick and stupid. First came the rumors that Wolverine 3 will be R-rated and based on Old Man Logan (a story that pretty much requires access to MCU characters so I don’t even know how this’ll work) and now this – there will be an R-rated director’s cut of Batman v Superman – Dawn of Justice. Ugh.

The theatrical version will still be PG-13.

Twitter user @stitchkingdom (who largely deals in Disney news) came across this tidbit of info on the MPAA website.

An R-rated Batman/Superman movie is something literally no one needs and only the worst kind of fanboys want.


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