Ambush Bug Pops Into Your Kid’s Imaginext Collection

Fisher Price announced today the latest addition to their popular Imaginext DC Super Friends line (a series I honestly believe to be incredibly fun and charming). Joining the ever-expanding DC Universe they’ve created is none other than Ambush Bug.


Perhaps best known to kids from his appearance in the Batman: The Brave and the Bold finale or the DC Scribblenauts and Lego Batman video games, Ambush Bug is – despite his occasional bouts of melancholy – is perfectly suited to make the transition to a younger audience. He’s basically a cartoon in a comic book world, a comic book world that he’s aware is fictional. He’s like if Batman knew Bugs Bunny.

The figure will hit shelves in a two-pack with a rerelease of Darkseid.


And Ambush Bug is just as surprised about that as you.

ambushbug1 (2)

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