Are You Ready For A Return To TWIN PEAKS?

There’s been quite the resurgence in interest in David Lynch of late, which is a very good thing. Even better is today’s news that his classic cult TV series Twin Peaks will be riding that wave back onto your screen in 2016 thanks to Showtime.

Lynch and co-creator Mark Frost will return to co-write the entire nine-episode mini-series, with Lynch directing every installment. The cable network was an obvious choice for the pair, given the freedom it would afford them and the relationship they already had with Gary Levine, the executive VP of original programming, who was the ABC executive during the show’s original run.

No details regarding the cast or plot have been announced yet, but we do know that that the series won’t be a remake or a reboot. It will be a continuation, following the 25 years of real-time that have passed since the original series ended in 1991.

Building up to the premiere, Showtime will air Twin Peaks‘ classic run in its entirety to build up anticipation/catch up new and curious fans. If you can’t wait, the series is on Netflix right now. While you’re at it, give Scooby Doo: Mystery Inc. a look.


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