ARROW Gains New Cast Member, Death Sentence

I was really digging the CW’s Arrow. It’s a shame it won’t be on the air much longer. Oh, no announcement has been made regarding its impending cancellation unless you count the addition of Summer Glau to the the cast for the upcoming season.

Glau, who’s never met a series she can’t kill, will be joining the show in a major role but if you don’t want to know who just yet turn away before the…


The actress will be taking on the role of Isabel Rochev. In the comics she had connections to Robert Queen and took over Queen Industries after his death. On the show, “Rochev is the Vice President of Acquisitions for Stellmoor International, a company that is attempting to take over Queen Industries now that the head of the company has been sent to jail.”

This won’t, however, be the character’s first appearance on Arrow, as her name is in the list of names Oliver got from his father.


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