BATMAN 66 Animated Movie… Starring Adam West And Burt Ward

For the past couple of years (since the rights got worked out) Batman 66 has been enjoying a new moment in the sun. With comics, toys, all kinds of miscellaneous¬†tchotchkes and, finally, DVDs and Blu-rays*, Adam West’s Batman has been absolutely everywhere. Now he’s going somewhere has hasn’t been a very long time – animation.

According to the Dynamic Duo themselves, Adam West and Burt Ward, at this weekend’s Mad Monster Party convention in Charlotte, the pair will be reprising their roles for an upcoming DTV animated film. Perhaps even two of them!

While West and Ward will be returning, it’s time to wonder who will play anyone else that shows up. Julie Newmar and faux-Riddler John Astin are the only¬†villains¬†still around (one assumes they’ll try to get Yvonne Craig back as Batgirl as well). It’s a safe bet that there are more than a few voice actors working on their Burgess Meredith impressions as we speak.

I’m also curious who’s handling the creative aspects of the film. Is it too much to ask that James Tucker and Michael Jelenic of Batman: Brave and the Bold get the gig? Or perhaps Jeff Parker, writer of the excellent digital comic?

batman 66

* – If you’re too broke to afford the very expensive box-sets, the show is currently being rerun on both IFC and MeTV.

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