BATMAN 66 Is All Over The Place At #SDCC

It’s still early in the weekend and classic Batman is already a bit of a running theme at San Diego Comic Con. Maybe it’s the anniversary causing people to want to look back fondly, or maybe people are just realizing that Adam West was, is, and always will be the best Batman. Whatever the reason, I’m not complaining since it means I’ll… I mean we’ll… able to add some really great stuff to our collections.

First up is a little bit more info about the Batman 66 Blu-rays. All 120 episodes, completely uncut. And it comes with a set of cards and a Batmobile. It comes out of November 11, but it will cost an obscene amount of money (the DVDs will be a bit cheaper, but there’s no word yet on the differences). Clips were shown and those in attendance were reportedly blown away by the quality of the transfers.


Next up is possibly the coolest news. Harlan Ellison, known almost as well for his numerous lawsuits as he is his prolific and influential writing, once wrote an episode of Batman. That episode, which would have introduced Two-Face to the series, was never made, but now almost 50 years later it’ll come to (digital) life in comic form.

The story, titled “The Two Way Crimes of Two-Face,” will be released in November as Batman 66: The Lost Episode with a script by Len Wein and art by José Luis García-López, Joe Prado and Alex Sinclair. Oh, and an Alex Ross cover. That’s way too much talent.

If you’re impatient, you can read Ellison’s treatment for the episode in his collection Brain Movies Volume 5.


(García-López art not from this project, from private collection)

Perhaps most shockingly, we have news that Mattel’s Batman 66 toy line isn’t dead yet. This weekend they showed off Batgirl, who fans had long hoped for, but largely given up on, and a Batman “Ultimate Gift Pack” set, which was a bit of a surprise to everyone.


Batgirl will only be available in a three-pack with Batman and Robin (this time without the wall or the wires in their capes) that’ll run about $50.


The accessory set includes a Batman with a swappable Bruce Wayne head, the Bat-Computer, a Batzooka, Bat-Radio, Bat-Bullhorn, all four Bat-Repellent sprays, some Batarangs, the Shakespeare bust and the red phone. All for $30.

Mattel’s also got a Batman 66 cowl to go with their Utility Belt.


As with their later Ghostbusters prop offerings, it is woefully inaccurate.

Even Lego got in on the action with their exclusive mini Batmobile. The car and the tiny Dark Knight are certainly West-ian, but there’s not a lot of Burt Ward in that Robin.

image (1)

At this rate, there’s bound to be more coming. We’ll keep you posted.

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