Bullshit Rumor Of The Day – Wonder Woman Will Be In BATMAN VS SUPERMAN

Wonder Woman’s fans are legion and are desperate to see her return to live-action, whether it be television or film they really don’t care (so long as David E. Kelly isn’t involved). It makes sense that they see every possible chance as a ray of hope.* This is probably why there’s a rumor going around that Diana might be in the upcoming Batman vs Superman.


According to Bleeding Cool, the casting calls for the film are looking for an actress to play a female lead. They want someone between the ages of 25 and 33, and they specify that she be “physically strong”. And that’s really all the information they’ve given out. The studio is being incredibly vague and tight-lipped. Agencies are starting to assume the role is Wonder Woman and are sending in actresses that would fit that part. Apparently even the agents have gotten no confirmation or denial on that question.

Bleeding Cool’s Rich Johnson says he “can’t imagine many other female roles would be such a closely guarded secret” but I think I can.

There’s a quote from Hunter S. Thompson, “I have warned many times about the guaranteed dangers of betting with your heart instead of your head — big darkness, soon come.” And I think that’s what people are doing here. Everyone wants so badly to see Wonder Woman on screen that she’s the automatic assumption, instead of the one that makes far more sense – Mercy Graves.

Despite the fact that hasn’t been announced yet, we all kind of know that Lex Luthor will be in this film. And with Lex comes a Girl Friday. Zack Snyder’s not about to go the Tessmacher route, but it’s very easy to see him using Mercy, a character who fits the casting description perfectly. As to why the identity’s so secret, it’s because if word of Mercy got out (and it certainly would given the fact that we’re talking about the casting call) it would confirm Lex’s involvement, something Warner Bros isn’t prepared to do yet (NY Comic Con maybe, or is that too soon?).

Don’t bet with your heart, bet with your head. The smart money’s on Mercy Graves.


* – I understand perfectly, as a Stephanie Brown fanboy I was thrilled even to see this monstrosity.

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