CBS’s Answer To SHERLOCK Won’t Be The First Time The Two Actors Have Shared A Role

CBS is really going through with their American remake of Sherlock totally original modern update of the Sherlock Holmes stories set in NY. Even though the BBC’s considering suing them they’re pushing forward, and perhaps because the BBC’s considering suing them we get this latest bit of news. CBS is giving the finger to the BBC’s assertions that Elementary is just a carbon copy of Sherlock by casting Johnny Lee Miller, the actor who in a recent production of Frankenstein shared the stage with Benedict Cumberbatch.

Actually, let me be more specific. They shared roles. On alternating nights, Cumberbatch and Miller would trade off between playing Dr. Frankenstein and the monster.

When commenting on the casting to The¬†Independent, Sherlock producer Sue Vertue got in this pretty amazing burn, “Johnny is a very fine actor, who I saw recently in the theatre when he and Benedict played alternating roles in Frankenstein. Let’s hope their pilot script has stayed further away from our Sherlock than their casting choice.”


All I know is we’re now one step closer to this Mitchell and Webb sketch becoming documentary footage.

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