Check Out The First Footage Of WIZARDS VS ALIENS

When Russell T. Davies left Doctor Who there were some questions as to what he was going to do next. Would his next project be another adult drama like Queer As Folk or would he stick with genre programming? Well, he definitely decided to stick with sci-fi with his upcoming show, Wizards vs Aliens. The show and its awesomely simple name had been announced a while ago, but this our first glimpse at what to expect when it airs this fall.

The promo clip for CBBC’s fall line-up showcases the new series as well as several others (like Wolfblood), but it’s pretty easy to pick out WvA.

For the most part, I like the look of it. The alien ship and the magic are nice, and the show in general seems fun. However, and this may just be my American eyes, the wizard kids give off more of a Harry Potter vibe than I’d hoped for (but about as much as I was afraid of).

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