Check Out The New BATMAN Trailer A Few Days Before It Screens With THE AVENGERS

Let it never be said that the fans that take part in viral marketing events aren’t dedicated, because less than 24 hours after initiating a world-wide search for Bat-logo graffiti WB has had to cough up the goods. The goods in this case being the newest Dark Knight Rises trailer, the one that’ll be playing this weekend in front of The Avengers.

That’s a hell of a trailer.

It’s nice to see Nolan finally relented and fixed Bane’s voice and I’m really digging the portrayal of Selina here, Anne Hathaway detractors be damned. But what I like most is the scale. The fact that Nolan knows this is his last installment so he’s pulling out all the stops. Hopefully that doesn’t translate into a muddled and confused mess, but he’s a talented enough filmmaker that I don’t think that’ll happen.

By the way, as for the viral graffiti, it’s weird that while most places got little chalk drawings or window cling decals that looked like this one in Atlanta…

… this is the one I found in Philly.

Yes, that’s an entire garage door.

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