Check Out The TV SUPERGIRL Costume

The Supergirl TV series is well into casting and should start filming soon, so to beat the leaked set photos CBS decided to release a picture of Melissa Benoist in costume. And what a costume it is.


Berlanti and Kreisberg (and costume designer Colleen Atwood)¬†opted to go with a darker color scheme,¬†similar to the last two Superman movie costumes (and if we’re being honest the JLU costume). But despite that and a few other slight changes she basically looks exactly how you’d hope Supergirl would. It’s nice to note that the changes that were made are all for the best. Stockings under the skirt for a flying teenage girl? Good call. That new take on the logo? I love it.

This is a great costume.

Skott Stotland is a thousand monkeys in a people costume. They have been writing for the internet for over a decade.

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