Check Out This Clip From A STAR WARS Show That’ll Never Happen

When Disney bought Star Wars, all Star Wars TV projects were shelved. That includes ones that were in the most nascent of stages, like this pitch from producer/actor Paul J. Alessi. Who’s Paul J. Alessi, you ask? Good question. I’d wager you’ve not seen anything he’s been involved in, save possibly an extra on the Boondock Saints II DVD or his stint as a contestant on The Amazing Race.

Despite Alessi’s less than promising credentials, he did manage to put together one hell of a pitch reel for a potential Star Wars TV series (starring himself, of course).

That is a seriously impressive lightsaber fight. The reveal was handled nicely. And speaking of handles, how spot-on was that Luke Skywalker lightsaber she drops?

Just fantastic work all around. I’m curious what his plans were to expand this into a full series.

Hat tip to Blastr and Bleeding Cool.

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