COMMUNITY Fans, Look Upon Your New Showrunners And Weep

I’m not going to go into the whole gigantic fucking mess of NBC firing Dan Harmon (I’ll let Harmon himself handle that one), instead I’m going to talk about the future of Tumblr’s favorite show. And why everyone should be absolutely horrified.

It seems that when looking for someone to take over Community after Harmon’s – let’s say – departure, NBC decided to go with a pair of showrunners that have had some experience trying to glom onto the success of a cultishly popular series and already worked with Joel McHale. Yes, David Guarascio and Moses Port, the new Community showrunners were also the showrunners on the American IT Crowd.

They even somehow managed to get an unfunny performance out of McHale. Suck on this internet. This is your future.

Hat tip to Badass Digest.

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