Deadpool’s Movie Costume Revealed In The Most Deadpool Way Possible

Deadpool has recently started filming in (where else?) Canada, and while spy-photos of Ryan Reynolds in costume likely won’t be too much of a concern the studio decided to just go ahead and release a shot of Wade Wilson’s new look via the actor’s Twitter. And what a shot it is.

Based on the infamous Burt Reynolds photo (which may not be safe for work, depending on your employer’s view of body hair), this is pretty much the most perfect way to show off what we’ll be seeing in theatres next year.

As for why spy-photos won’t be an issue, this picture confirms earlier talk that Deadpool’s costume would be more pixels than fabric. It’s an odd choice given that Reynolds’ catastophic last turn as a superhero also utilized a CG wardrobe. However, this does allow for an expressive face where there would normally be a static mask (check his eyes for an example).

Also of note here is that the Tweet points fans to the newly-created @deadpoolmovie account. As of right now there isn’t much there, but Deadpool is certainly selective when it comes to who he follows.

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