DOCTOR WHO Season Seven Trailer. Watch It. Dissect It.

After debuting at this weekend’s big Doctor Who convention in Cardiff, the BBC has released the trailer for season seven (of course some anxious fan beat them to it and got a shitty cammed version up earlier in the weekend). It’s got scenes from three episodes, which isn’t bad considering they’re still filming and there are only five episodes before the Christmas Special.

Take a look, and then we’ll discuss.

Obviously, the trailer leans heavily on footage from the Western episode (shot on location in Spain like the old Spaghetti Westerns, nice touch) which looks like a hell of a lot of fun, with its cyborg gunfighter and the Doctor’s¬†Christmas list, which he¬†wonders if someone’s been peeking at.

And honestly, any time we get the Doctor back in a hat is fine with me.

I think that hole is supposed to be from when River shot it off his head. Cool.

Hey, you know what this show needs? More wizards.

Oh look, there’s Arthur Weasley. According to, he’ll be playing “Brian Williams” and since I doubt they mean the news anchor I think it’s a pretty safe bet he’s got some connection to Rory Pond, nee Williams. (See the fleece vest for further evidence.)

Another shot of Mr. Williams (the character Brian or the actor Mark, take your pick) in a rather eclectic group shot. God I love the Doctor’s face here. Just what in the hell is Matt Smith doing with his mouth?

And of course, this can’t be good.

I don’t really remember their eyes looking quite so… human before, do you?

Thanks to BlogtorWho for the screencaps. Go there to see more.

Update – One of our readers pointed out that Mr. Weasley isn’t the only wizard making an appearance here. Check out Space Filch!

With robots!

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