Fan Film Friday – THE LAST OF US

Confession: I have not played The Last of Us as I don’t have a PS3, though I’ve only heard fantastic things about it. Because of this I can’t talk about how accurate of an adaptation this fan film is, but I can tell you it’s awesome.

Creepy and atmospheric, the film sees Joel (Jeff Moffitt) leadingĀ Ellie (Kate Sutherlin McLeod) through some abandoned buildings and facing off against attackers both human and… decidedly less so.

Written by Sy Cody White and co-directed by White and Nick Sgroi of Iron Horse Cinema Productions, The Last of Us makes excellent use of the obviously-really-abandoned buildings they used as sets. One almost wonders if they found the locations and then had the idea for the film instead of wanting to make this movie and looking for places to shoot it.

If you want to see more from Iron Horse Cinema, you can take a look at theirĀ YouTube channel.

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