Gasp! Not Only Is Human Torch Black, But So’s His Dad! Dr Storm Cast In FANTASTIC FOUR

Whatever are the racist fanboys going to do about the the new Fantastic Four movie? It was one thing when everyone kind of assumed that Michael B. Jordan’s Johnny Storm was adopted, but with the casting of Johnny and Sue’s dad today it’s looking like that’s not so much the case.

Reg E. Cathey, the excellent character actor chosen for the part, is probably best known form his roles in The Wire and more recently House of Cards. Though to nerds of a certain age he’ll always be bad at fractions.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, this version of Dr. Storm will be a scientist as in the Ultimate universe. This jibes with the ages of the rest of the cast, and what we’ve heard about the team’s tweaked origins.

Oh, here’s some trivia for you. This is Cathey’s third role in a comic book movie. He previously played one of the gangsters in The Mask and a kangaroo in Tank Girl.


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