Get Your Own Fridge – America’s (Comics) Hero

Since it is America’s birthday, I decided to dedicate this column to a fictional hero that personifies “Truth, Justice, and the American Way”, and has since Action Comics #1.

Did you really think I meant Superman?

Lois Lane is an icon. Introduced in 1938, Lois was career-minded before it was okay for women to be career-minded. Over the years she has been the daughter of a general, a wife, a mother, a freedom fighter, and the woman the most powerful man in the world pined over. But these things are always secondary to what she is at her core: a reporter. Lois Lane will go after the story. The story always comes first. This is why she sometimes needs rescuing (and has gained a bit of a reputation for being a damsel in distress); she is willing to sacrifice everything for the truth.

She may have changed a bit throughout the years (and there was that kind of creepy stalker thing she had going on in the Silver Age), but at her core, Lois is a truth-seeker. She believes that the public deserves the truth and nothing will stop her. She is the ideal reporter, while still being a flawed and fleshed out character. While I can never hope to be Superman or Wonder Woman with their superpowers, I can strive to be more like Lois Lane. She is a hero in her own right.

Plus, neither of us can spell.


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