Get Your Own Fridge – Companions

Doctor Who has a strong, loyal, and somewhat obsessive following of fans from both genders. While we all have spent more time than is probably healthy on the merits of various Doctors (and the appropriate punishment for those who call him “Doctor Who”), the companions are who we all want to be. The Doctor has a habit of picking up very strong, clever women (and a few men) to take with him to travel all of time and space. Since I could never possibly pick one favorite (the Doctor never could), here’s a list of my personal favorite companions.

Susan Foreman
The first companion and the Doctor’s granddaughter. She ran away from her home planet with her crazy, cranky grandfather to see the universe.

Sarah Jane Smith
Probably the most famous of the Doctor’s companions (and for good reason). Sarah Jane had a successful career before meeting the Doctor. Most importantly she taught us “There is nothing only about being a girl”.

Donna Noble
Donna is brilliant if occasionally daft. She is excellent at missing important events in human history, which turned from hilarious to tragic when her memory is wiped and can never know that she was the most important person in the universe. Donna never took the Doctor’s crap and he respected and loved her for it.

Amy Pond
Imagine if you childhood imaginary friend turned out to be a time-traveling alien with a spaceship that was bigger on the inside. Now, imagine he came back for you as an adult. Wouldn’t you run away too? Amy is strong; every obstacle life throws at her (and there are many) is met by defiance and an insistence that it change to suit her. She is brave. She is, as the Doctor says, “mad, impossible Amelia Pond”

His longest companion. He stole her and she stole him. They travel the universe together, they fight, she takes him where he needs to go (even if that isn’t where he planned on being, when he planned on being there). There is no Doctor without the TARDIS and no TARDIS without the Doctor.


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