Get Your Own Fridge – Faking It

I always find it amusing when, in any discussion about fake geek girls, there is at least one guy (and it is always a guy) who says something like “We’re not talking about REAL geek girls, we’re talking about those who fake it like (insert female celebrity here),” or “booth babes” or someone else who makes money off of geeks. I always wonder if they really believe it or if it’s an attempt to divide women against each other.

There aren’t long threads on message boards, conversations on twitter, etc., about the male vendors and sales people are ruining fandom. No one questions if the guy selling is really a nerd. And no one says he’s ruining fandom just by making a living. No, he’s living the dream.

And if a female celebrity says she’s a nerd? Oh, she’s faking it. Like Anne Hathaway wanting to be Catwoman when she grew up. Like Gloria Steinem being such a Wonder Woman fan she put her on the cover the first Ms. Magazine.

Like Rosario Dawson speaking Klingon.

But, you know, faking it.


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