Guillermo del Toro Talks About That Possible HULK Series

For some time now that Guillermo del Toro’s been attached to a Hulk TV series, certainly since before Joss Whedon and Mark Ruffalo reinvigorated the character on-screen in this Summer’s Avengers. But with that new bar comes new pressure for del Toro and his team. It’s been a while since we’ve heard anything about the TV version of the Hulk, leading many to wonder just where the series stands.

Thankfully, Shock Till You Drop spoke with Guillermo del Toro at the opening of the Monstrous Centennial: Universal’s Legacy of Horror film series at the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, where – among some great talk about the director’s history with horror films – they spoke a bit about Hulk.

Right now all I know is the official word I was given is that there’s a writer they want. They are very interested in me meeting with him. He’s very, very busy. The official word is we are holding, but I don’t know… After Avengers having the success it had, perhaps the fate of the project may change. Right now officially what I know – and I’m not hiding anything off the record or anything – is that we were told we were waiting for this writer, and we were going to do it with him.

When asked if he still wanted to direct the pilot, del Toro also mentioned some other comic characters he wouldn’t mind working on.

Of course. The superheroes I like and that I would like to get involved with are all monsters. Be it Swamp Thing, Etrigan [the Demon], Doctor Strange – which is not a monster, but [a dark fantasy]. Certainly supernatural. I would love Morbius [the Living Vampire], Blade – they have to be monsters for me to be involved.

I’d love to see what Guillermo del Toro could do with the Hulk, unfortunately after this Summer if Mark Ruffalo isn’t Banner then it’s going to have a hard time catching on with a lot of people.

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