I Wish I Were An Alien – Should You Be Excited About STAR WARS: EPISODE 7?

I don’t want to even think about the Star Wars prequels at all. I don’t even want to admit they exist. As far as I’m concerned they are nothing but a dream. Maybe it’s better to call them a nightmare. Of course when I heard the new Star Wars was coming out I decided I wasn’t going to have any expectations one way or the other. Then I heard J.J. Abrams was directing and I decided to still keep my expectations from going either way.

Sure J.J. has a great, though somewhat checkered, career producing complicated plots with enough action to keep any fan interested. Would he be able to do that with the best-known science fiction franchise of all time? After looking the official trailers it appears not only was he able to do it, but he even fixed the visual mistakes of the prequels by bringing back the aesthetic feel of the originals – where they are meant to be. If I am to believe the preview then this movie is going to be exactly what we expect a Star Wars movie to look like and a galaxy we will all recognize.

So should we get excited about The Force Awakens? I can say with a fair amount of certainty that we can at the very least get excited that from a visual standpoint we will get exactly what we want. If J.J.’s track record is any indication of what we can expect then at the very least we will get a story we’ll be happy with. Don’t take my word for it. These babies I think express how excited we should be perfectly.




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