I Wish I Were An Alien – Who Wants Free Stuff?

Free stuff is good. Free stuff with rare and until-recently-unknown geekery is even better.

Recently Ebook3000.com released J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit as a free digital download. While that in itself isn’t so special, the extra goodies you get with it will more than please the average fan.

What do you get? How about all the full color illustrations available. If you’re like me the only illustrations I saw were black and white. While they were fantastic already, to be able to see them as Tolkien intended in full color gives the amazing world of Middle Earth more depth. You can enter that world more freely than in the past. If that isn’t enough then how would you feel being able to hear Tolkien in his own words? That’s right my friends. While I have not had the opportunity to hear them yet from what I hear that alone makes it worth the price.

Did I mention it’s free?



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