Is There Still Life In The BATMAN 66 Toy Line?

I’ve been saying since the Batman 66 toy line started without Yvonne Craig’s likeness rights that she’s eventually sign on and we’d get a Toys R Us exclusive two-pack of Batgirl and Eartha Kitt as Catwoman to finish out the series. Now that she’s signed I may have actually underestimated what Mattel still has planned for the future of the past.

Action Figure Insider recently caught up with some of Mattel’s boys retail team and while they kind of danced around the issue, they dropped some very promising hints.

Regarding the first wave of figures, they were very careful to say, “That’s all we have to announce at this time for 2013.”

AFI’s Daniel Pickett said, “They asked me if I could help clear up the confusion that they did NOT announce the end of the line.” and that “they were confused why so many collectors thought the line was ending after Catwoman ships in a few weeks.”


As to why collectors might think that, perhaps it’s because Mattel’s marketing and PR team said as much to the very site they were talking to in an Ask Matty column in August.

Q2. Are there future waves of 1966 Batman figures planned beyond what has already been announced?

A2. No, at this point you have seen all the 1966 figs including the awesome Batmobile.

Maybe the left hand should find out what the right hand is doing.

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