JK Rowling Tells Us The Right Way To Say “Voldemort”… 16 Years Ago

The internet’s been going crazy for the past few days after Harry Potter author JK Rowling revealed on Twitter that we’ve been saying He Who Must Not Be Named’s name wrong all this time. The weird part is that this isn’t the first time she’s told us this. Not by a long shot.

In fact, Rowling gave almost the exact same response when asked about the pronunciation of Voldemort way back in 1999.

Here she is on Twitter this week –

And here she is on a book tour supporting the US release of Prisoner of Azkaban

“Is it Voldemort?” “Or Voldemor?” someone asked about Harry’s evil nemesis.


“I say ‘Voldemor’ but I’m the only one.”

This is probably what Lucero was referring to.

What’s really interesting is that this was also how Jim Dale said it in the audio books. For the first few at least, once the films came out he fell in line.

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