John Barrowman Singing Superhero Theme Songs Is The Best Thing In The World

This is some fantastically amazing stuff right here. I can’t figure out how it took the wonderful folks at The Mary Sue so long to find it (or really anyone else this long either), but we should all be thankful they did because this video will make you so very, very happy.

John Barrowman, known to us all as Capt. Jack Harkness and to anyone that will listen to me talk as the ideal movie Superman, went on tour in 2010 where he sang and danced and was generally Barrowman-y* on stage. Well, it seems that some sneaky fan managed to get a video of Torchwood’s fearless leader performing a medley of superhero theme songs, specifically the ones to Spider-man and Wonder Woman. This is something you absolutely have to see.

How much better is your day now? How much better is your life now?

* – Barrowman-y (adj.) – being way to awesome to really exist in real life yet somehow managing to do so

Try working it into your vocabulary.

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