Kelly Sue DeConnick To Adapt BARBARELLA

This is a hell of a way to start off the new year.

Humanoids Inc has announced that Kelly Sue DeConnick, writer of Captain Marvel (possibly the best superhero title on the stands right now), will be heading up a new adaptation of Jean-Claude Forest’s classic Barbarella.

barbarella-coverAccording to Robot 6, this new release will use an existing translation, but “DeConnick will update the script for a modern sensibility, and gear it closer to the provocative tone of the original version.” And for those whose only experience with the character is the excellent but campy film with Jane Fonda, the comics are a whole different animal.

DeConnick, who has extensive experience with manga adaptations and is known for her smart dialogue, was an obvious choice for the job, and one I’m certainly not complaining about.

Perhaps if this book sells well enough, it’ll be worth it to Humanoids to translate Les Colères du Mange-Minutes and Le Miroir aux Tempêtes, the two Barbarella stories never released in English. Even if that doesn’t happen, between this and the still-in-development hell TV series from Nicolas Winding Refn, it looks like 2014 could be a good year for the one-time “Queen of the Galaxy.”

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