Lots Of Cool Details, And Some Minor Spoilers, In These AVENGERS Movie Storybook Pics

Not sure how the folks at ComicBookMovie.com got their hands on this Avengers movie storybook, but we’re glad they did because they scanned and put a bunch of it online. it doesn’t really seem to give away too much that you can’t already figure out from the trailers, but it does detail a few plot points. In case you’re nervous here’s your chance to turn back.

Ok, now that they’re gone, on with the scans (all of which you can click for hugeness).

Clearly, the scans stop maybe a third of the way into the story but what’s there gives us a more fleshed-out idea of what’s going on in a lot of the scenes in the trailers. And then there’s that tantalizing glimpse at something being not-quite-right with Hawkeye. The thing I find most interesting though is that all through the run-up to Avengers everyone was so sure/afraid it was essentially going to Iron Man 2.5: Iron Man & His Avenging Friends, when it really looks like it’s Thor 1.5: What Happened To Loki.

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