Lynda Carter Comes To Comics In WONDER WOMAN 77 #NYCC

DC made a lot of fans very happy this weekend when they announced Wonder Woman 77, a new digital weekly comic set in the world of the 1970s TV show with Lynda Carter as Princess Diana. (The 77 is there to imply that the book will take place after the show’s first WW2-era season.) The new book follows the success of the similarly-themed Batman 66 and the character’s own Sensation Comics.

The series will debut in December with six weekly issues that will be collected as a print edition. More digital installments are set to follow. Marc Andreyko (of the excellent Manhunter) will handle the scripts with a rotating team of artists.


Nicola Scott

While details on the actual book are scant at this point, we do know it will “star” Lynda Carter. Beyond that, it can be safely assumed that it will contain all of the TV series’ other trappings, like Steve Trevor Jr., Inter-Agency Defence Command, the invisible plane and, of course, the spin.

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