Mattel Brings A Little Of Everything To Toy Fair

Mattel had some great stuff to show, including more Masters of the Universe Classics, Halo guns from BoomCo and the latest (last?) Batman 66 offerings.

First up is Batman 66. The line continues with some rereleases of Adam West’s Batman in various box sets with a slightly darker paint scheme.

He’ll be available with a slew of accessories…

20150215_083729 20150215_083721 20150215_083718

… with Robin and Batgirl…


… and, lastly, with Robin and the Batmobile.


While they couldn’t give me an exact date, these should be hitting shelves sometime around August.

They’re also putting the Hot Wheels 1:12 scale Batcycle back out. If you missed this one last time, now it comes with a sculpted Dynamic Duo to ride it.

20150215_083829 20150215_083842 20150215_090119

Also from the high-end Hot Wheels line, comes an Arkham Knight Batmobile and a sweet Back to the Future DeLorean.

20150215_083855 20150215_083859 20150215_083902 20150215_083913 20150215_083918 20150215_083923 20150215_083925 20150215_083929

The Delorean comes with all the parts needed to make any of the car’s three versions.

As the 3.75″ DC Multiverse line keeps moving forward, expect more video game figures and two-packs featuring over-sized villains.

20150215_084620 20150215_084625 20150215_084637 20150215_084641 20150215_084714 20150215_084721 20150215_084730 20150215_084733 20150215_084741 20150215_084747 20150215_084752 20150215_084825

When asked why a line called “Multiverse” focuses so heavily on Batman and, specifically, the Arkham games, the reply was that they wanted to start the series off strong with something they knew would sell. Now that it’s a success, that opens the door a little for the future.

Despite rumors to the contrary, Masters of the Universe Classics remains The Line That Would Not Die.

20150215_085530 20150215_085539 20150215_085640 20150215_085646 20150215_085654 20150215_085712 20150215_085720 20150215_085735 20150215_085756 20150215_085802 20150215_085807 20150215_085818 20150215_085828 20150215_085832

Monster High continues to be a cool way to ease your kids into horror. This year sees a gigantic school playet (bigger, apparently, than Barbie’s Dream House) and a doll that floats in mid-air.

20150215_085116 20150215_085128 20150215_085132 20150215_085148 20150215_085214 20150215_085247 20150215_085319

Finally, under their BoomCo brand (Mattel’s answer to Nerf), expect a few weapons from the HALO series.

20150215_084855 20150215_084902 20150215_084906 20150215_084915

For information about the HALO and Terminator: Genisys sets from MegaBloks, head over to our piece on construction toys (soon to come).

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