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The First Four Minutes Of WARM BODIES Sets Up A Fun Zombie Apocalypse



Fan-made BACK TO THE FUTURE Lego Set Becoming A Reality






Today In Give It Up Already News – Threequel Edition



I Wish I Were An Alien – Insert Generic Pirate Title Here



STAR TREK INTO DARKNESS Teaser Trailer Gives Us Our First Real Look At The Film





The New OZ Trailer Looks Suitably Fantastic



I Wish I Were An Alien – Even Disney Craps One Out



You Should Watch The NYCC EVIL DEAD Remake Trailer While You Can



Scrapped JURASSIC PARK IV Concept Art Is The Craziest Thing You’ll See This Year






This Clip And The Theme From SKYFALL Are Bond As Hell



I Wish I Were An Alien – Asian Assassins In The Old West



Committed To The Asylum – SNAKES ON A TRAIN



The New WRECK-IT RALPH Trailer Is Unsurprisingly Great



The TRANSPORTER TV Series Looks Exactly As Terrible As You Hoped It Wouldn’t



Otakon 2012 – Why Can’t More Cons Be Like This? UPDATED – Now With More Pictures!



Two Trailers And A Commercial for Bond’s Next Outing, SKYFALL



SDCC 2012 – OZ, THE GREAT AND POWERFUL Trailer Pretty Much Lives Up To Its Name



Do We Know The Villain In STAR TREK 2?



Holy Hell, The Red Band Trailer For THE MAN WITH THE IRON FISTS



Three AVATAR Sequels To Be Filmed In Quick Succession



Just Accept The Fact That You’re Excited About The New RESIDENT EVIL: RETRIBUTION Trailer



I Simply Love The WRECK-IT RALPH Trailer



Get Your Own Fridge – Girls on Film



Are You Ready For Edgar Wright’s Final “Ice Cream Trilogy” Film?



David Tennant Might Join FAST 6, Making It The Geekiest Film Set


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The New BRAVE Trailer Explains The Rules For A Lady



I Wish I Were An Alien – Paradise Fail



Take Me To Pleasure Town, ANCHORMAN 2!



Watch The Teaser For Tartakovsky’s HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA And Try To Ignore The Cast



Committed To The Asylum – THE DA VINCI TREASURE



2 New PROMETHEUS Trailers Promise Greatness



Committed To The Asylum – HILLSIDE CANNIBALS



Watch This Scene From Pixar’s BRAVE Now



I Wish I Were An Alien – Where Have All The Monsters Gone?



I Wish I Were An Alien – The People Who Kill Santa Claus


It’s Official, We Know What THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN Is About




Liam Neeson Was On THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Set!!!!!! OMFGQRZ!!!!!



Get Ready To Cry Goths, That CROW Reboot Is Back On – UPDATED






Everyone’s Back In School For FIRST CLASS 2



Committed To The Asylum – H. G. WELLS’ WAR OF THE WORLDS



I Wish I Were An Alien – Year In Review



The EVIL DEAD Remake Has Found Its Ash, And He’s A She?!?!



Noel Clarke Joins The Cast Of STAR TREK 2



Committed To The Asylum – KING OF THE LOST WORLD


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