New DOCTOR WHO Trailer. Watch It. Obsess Over It.

The new season of Doctor Who starts in the Fall, and with us now being in August we’re getting closer and closer. Oh, so very close. Which is why the the BBC has been so kind as to give the internet this trailer for the first half of the season.

It looks like there are scenes from definitely four, possibly all five of the episodes airing in the Fall. You should watch it a couple of times and see what you can pick out (like you weren’t going to do that anyway). Me, I’m digging that Moffat seems to have figured out a way to make the Weeping Angels even creepier.

Also, in case you were bored and wanted to spice up your computer the BBC put out this sweet wallpaper.

The artist who created the piece described the process on Facebook.

So proud to have done this. Huge thanks to Edward Russell for his brilliant guidance – and nipping down to the Cardiff basement to photograph the Special Weapons Dalek when we ran short of pictures. We like to think that the SW Dalek has been trundling around various BBC corridors since 1963. Photoshop users may like to know the final file was over a thousand layers, and 4.9gig in size. Phew!

Looks like Moffat kept his word on every kind of Dalek.

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