ROBOCOP Trailer Looks Surprisingly Less Than Terrible

While I know saying anything positive about director Jose Padilha’s upcoming remake of the 1987 classic RoboCop is a pretty serious crime, having watched the trailer I’m going to come out and say it – this film looks like won’t be a total piece of shit. It probably won’t supplant the original as the definitive take on the material but it doesn’t seem to be as offensively awful as everything up to this point lead us to believe.

Take a look for yourself.

See, at no point did you feel like the movie was actively trying to gouge your eyes out, right? I mean, yea, it’s a bit rote, but sadly we’re at a point of stagnation in genre films, especially in ones aiming for big money. RoboCop (2013) is going to suffer in its comparisons to the orignal, which stood out at the time for being so fresh and innovative, whereas this one looks to be just another middle of the road sci-fi actioner. Hopefully I’m wrong and the movie lives up to its potential.

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