SHERLOCK Takes A Cue From DOCTOR WHO, Gets A Minisode

It’s less than a week until the third season (series, whatever) of Sherlock finally starts after far too long a wait. Can you hear all of Tumblr collectively freaking out yet? It’s getting scary over there, well, scarier than usual.

In an attempt to either sate their desperate bloodlust or fan the flames (if you’ll allow a mixed metaphor), the BBC has released a minisode, much like the ones used to promote upcoming Doctor Who specials or premiers.

It’s a nice little prequel, hinting at what Sherlock’s been doing during those two years he’s been gone as well as what some of the other characters have been up to (poor Anderson).

There’s something else you might want to check out to fill that void in your life that can only be filled by Benedict Cumberbatch, this very cool interactive trailer with lots of exclusive content. Unfortunately it can’t be embedded, so you’ll have to go and take a look for yourself.

Remember new episodes start of January 1st in the UK and January 19th in the US.





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