SMALLVILLE SEASON 11 To Give Fans Batman, Filling Their Checklists

There really were only two things fans wanted out of Smallville – Superman and Batman. They wanted Clark to take off that stupid jacket and put on a cape, and they wanted an appearance (any kind of appearance) from Bruce Wayne. The producers only kind of, sort of let Tom Welling suit up for a second or two in the finale.

Sadly, Bruce never even got around to visiting Clark’s podunk little town. But Bryan Q. Miller’s got a lot more freedom with his Smallville Season 11 comic, which means he wrote their meeting as soon as he could.

According to Miller’s blog, the self-described “fan and writer” is “more than pleased to announce the arrival of a major DC universe player in the second episode of Smallville Season 11.”

The four-part “Detective” arc begins in September with this tease of a plot, “The hunt for his parents’ killer puts a vigilante known only as ‘the Batman’ on a collision course with The Man of Steel.”

Holy shit! What the hell is Batman wearing? Now we know why he was never on the show, no human could possibly move in that costume. Look at his upper body and tell me how he moves his arms at all. Also, I’m pretty sure he got that mask at Wolverine’s yard sale.

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