SMALLVILLE Will Never Go Away. Ever.

Just when you thought you safe. Just when you thought you were far enough away from the spectre of Smallville, like a slasher movie villain it rises from the grave once again to attack. This time in the medium that initially spawned it.

You know how when you were watching Smallville, all you really wanted to see was Tom Welling, as Superman, doing Superman stuff? And then you only got him in the Superman suit for a brief moment in series finale. 10 seasons of build-up for the lamest money shot ever.

But now you’ll actually get to see Tom Welling, as Superman, doing Superman stuff. Kind of. It won’t be flesh and blood Tom Welling, instead it’ll be ink and paint Tom Welling. DC’s going forward with a Smallville Season 11 comic.

Smallville Season 11 will be written by Bryan Q Miller, who used to write for the show and more importantly to me at least wrote Batgirl while Stephanie Brown wore the costume. Joining Miller will be his Batgirl artist Pere Perez. The series will have two different cover artists – Gary Frank for the print edition and Cat Staggs for the digital.

DC seems to be trying an interesting experiment with the release of this book and i’m not sure how it’ll work out. Starting April 13, the first issue is released digitally with weekly chapters to follow. Those will then be collected (along with an episode guide to the series) and offered in a monthly print version starting May 16.

What do you guys think? I like the creative team but I don’t think I could subject myself to any more Smallville, even if it is what everyone wanted five seasons ago.

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