SUICIDE SQUAD And DEADPOOL Trailers From SDCC Leak – Watch ‘Em While You Can

There are always a few trailers at Comic Con that bring the roof down, but the studios are in no rush to show to those sad bastards that couldn’t make it. This year it’s Deadpool and Suicide Squad. Hopefully they’ll get a real release soon, because they’re fantastic.

Oh, I probably should have told you it’s super NSFW. That’s about as perfect as you could hope for (though I did think the Gwen Stefani song from the test footage worked better).

Speaking of songs, I love this “I Started a Joke” cover. I’m liking almost everything about this – Waller’s spot-on and the team dynamic is great. I’m still iffy on this version of the Joker but I’m hopeful I’ll see something that’ll turn me around on him.

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