Take A Look At These Very Cool Unused IRON MAN 3 Posters

Yesterday it was announced that for the last installment of the Imax 12:01 poster series (which gives out gorgeous free Mondo-esque prints at the midnight Imax premieres of major releases) would be next week’s Iron Man 3. And the poster, by comic artist Jock, is fantastic.


Of course, this wasn’t Jock’s first attempt. He went through a few other┬ápossible versions before deciding to go with this one. Thankfully, he opted to share those earlier takes with us so we could get a glimpse at his artistic process (and see some really cool Iron Man art).

And don’t forget, you can click on any of this to make with the hugeness.

ironman3idea2 ironman3idea3 ironman3idea4 ironman3idea7 ironman3idea9


ironman3idea1 ironman3idea6 ironman3idea8


That last one is absolutely my new wallpaper.

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