The Big-Screen Winter Soldier Is So F-ing Metal

Captain America: The Winter Soldier has begun filming in semi-public places, which of course means that people are ignoring the notices to not take pictures. Spy photos are starting to get out of a sequence that features said Winter Soldier battling it out on a highway via the Cleveland Plain Dealer (RHPS represent!). These shots show something rather awesome, the near-exact translation of Winter Soldier’s costume to the screen, metal arm and all.


It looks like the only thing they really changed was his mask, swapping out the very comic booky domino mask for something more concealing. This makes a good deal of sense, given that the character’s identity is meant to be a reveal (to Cap, at least) and the filmmakers probably didn’t want audiences questioning how he doesn’t recognize him with such a minimal disguise (see, for examples, the Green Lantern film and every discussion about Clark Kent ever).


You can check out more pictures here¬†and here and while you’re there try to unsee that his new, more covering mask looks like they just repainted James Franco’s mask from Spider-Man 3.¬†Seriously.

Winter Soldier:


“New Goblin”:


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