The EVIL DEAD Remake Has Found Its Ash, And He’s A She?!?!

Gasp! Shock! Oh, dear!

The lead in the upcoming remake of Evil Dead – which could more accurately be called a complete reimagining or possibly just another story set in the same universe – has been cast and since it’s not a direct copy of the same story the Ash role is being played by a girl, specifically Mirror Mirror actress (and part-time FLCL cosplayer) Lily Collins.

According to Bloody Disgusting, Collins will play Mia, a recovering drug addict whose friends bring her to an isolated cabin to detox after an overdose. Once there, they find a Book of the Dead … blah blah blah … demonic possession …. blah blah blah … fight for survival. It’s an Evil Dead movie, you know what to expect in that regard. The X- factor here is the gender swap and the creative team (untested director Fede Alvarez, and a script polish by film buff-controversy-lightning rod Diablo Cody).

One wonders if audiences will be comfortable watching a female lead be put through the kind of physical punishment that Bruce Campbell’s Ash received. At what point will it become torture porn?

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