The First Fox/Disney Marvel Movie Crossover Will Be… Quicksilver?

Ah, Quicksilver, everybody’s third or fourth favorite comic book speedster. Who ever would have thought he’d make it to the big screen before The Flash? And twice in two years, from two different studios, no less. Yes, you read that right.

Yesterday Bryan Singer announced, via Twitter (because apparently that’s how this shit’s done now), that Marvel’s fastest mutant would be joining the cast of the already-filming Days of Future Past¬†in the form of American Horror Story‘s Evan Peters. A move in no way intended as a middle finger to Joss Whedon for skirting Fox’s control of X-characters with the “Magneto’s kids were also Avengers”¬†defense.

Singer’s original, now-deleted, tweet only reinforces the “go fuck yourself, TV Boy” nature of the casting.


The question is, does this back Whedon into a corner regarding casting? We already know he was trying to work out a more subtle crossover with Sony and Amazing Spider-Man by putting Oscorp Tower in Avengers but the CG model wasn’t ready in time. Will he want to try to play nice again and cast an actor roughly 30 years older than Peters, who’s in his mid-20s? It’s highly doubtful, though it’ll raise the ire of many a fanboy if he doesn’t.

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