THE FLASH Gets Simon Stagg, Which Means Some Very Good News Is On Its Way

The CW is really going all-out with their embracing of the comic book roots of Arrow and The Flash. The franchise has come a long way from the Royal Flush Gang wearing matching hockey masks (cool as those masks might have been). This is all to say that the latest bit of casting news, while an inspired choice on its own, is even more notable for what it means down the line.


William Sadler (Bill & Ted’s Bogus Journey) will be playing Simon Stagg, whose company, STAGG Industries, has been namedropped a few times on Arrow already. Stagg is one of the many overtly villainous CEOs in the DC Universe.

What’s most interesting here though, is that Stagg isn’t really a Flash character. He’s a foil for Metamorpho (as well as his girlfriend’s father). If Stagg’s showing up, then it’s a pretty safe bet that Rex Mason’s not far behind and this is the best possible news.

It looks like I might have been wrong when I said that Devon Aoki’s Katana wouldn’t be bringing the rest of the Outsiders with her.

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