The HARRY POTTER Books Weigh A Hell Of A Lot Less Today

It’s been a very long time coming (made even longer by a six month delay), but as of today you can finally toss a Harry Potter book in your bag without worrying about throwing your back out. Hell, you can toss the whole damn series in there. Because almost five years after Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows hit stores, you buy it – and the rest – as e-books.

Available only at Rowling’s Pottermore website (which is still in beta, but set to finally go live in April), the e-books work with pretty much anything you’d want to read one on, and the makers of two of the big guns couldn’t be happier.

Russ Grandinetti, Amazon’s vice president of Kindle content, gushed, “For years our customers have loved reading Harry Potter books in print, and have made them the best-selling print book series on We’re excited that Harry Potter fans worldwide are now able to read J.K. Rowling’s fantastic books on their Kindles and free Kindle reading apps.”

Jim Hilt, Vice President of e-books for Barnes & Noble, was excited about the possibilities: “By offering the NOOK editions of this popular series, long-time fans and first-time readers can experience the magic of Harry Potter in a new, exciting way and read what they love, anywhere they like.”

Both quotes, of course, carried an unspoken, “…but I really wish we could sell them on our site.”

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