The SIMPSONS Lego Set Is A Thing Of Beauty

When a picture leaked the other day of a Simpsons Lego set, the internet kind of lost it. And rightly so, the set looked great. Now however, Lego is ready to make their official announcement and that means real pictures. And holy hell, I’m trying to figure out where to put this thing.

Take a look at these closer views (click for bigness).

simpsons simpsons1 simpsons2 simpsons3 simpsons4 simpsons5 simpsons6 simpsons7 simpsons8

The set hits shelves February 1 and will cost $199. Ouch, but come on. Starting in May a series of 12 Simpsons minifigs (presumably blindpacked) will come out at a much more reasonable $4 each.

I wonder how those old Playmates Blocko figures will fit with the new set? You know, until we get a Carl.


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