The TRANSPORTER TV Series Looks Exactly As Terrible As You Hoped It Wouldn’t

It’s no secret that I have a huge man-crush on Jason Statham and have seen damn near everything he’s been in. Among my favorite movies of his are the Transporter films. They’re legitimately awesome action flicks with appeal beyond making my wife nervous*, as such I was pretty excited about the idea of a Transporter TV series. Even if it was going to star just some guy. And when word come out that it’s going to air on Cinemax (home to some surprisingly decent action shows), there was even more reason to be optimistic since they could do pretty much whatever they wanted.

But then the trailer came out and it turned that what they wanted to do was make something thoroughly generic and kind of terrible looking.

Ugh. It’s cool that they got the same cop back, but nothing else feels right.This could have played in that syndicated block next to Mutant X and VIP back in the day and fit right in. And I hate to be the “Flames on Optimus” guy, but Chris Vance couldn’t even shave his head? Really?

* – Sorry, I can’t help it. He’s just so dreamy badass.

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