There’s Going To Be A VIXEN Cartoon

Straight from the No One Ever Saw This Coming Pile, writer/producer Mark Guggenheim is developing an animated series based on DC’s Vixen that will be set in the same shared universe as his Flash and Arrow live-action shows.


The CW announced Sunday at the Television Critics’ Association press tour that Vixen would debut this fall on CW Seed as a six-episode miniseries. CW Seed, if you’re not familiar, is the network’s digital home for all kinds of odd-ball projects and spin-offs (like the recent Veronica Mars spin-off, Play It Again, Dick),


What’s interesting is how this move opens up the DC TV-verse. So far it’s been fairly reality-based, with any super powers having some kind of scientific explanation (comic book science though it may be). But Vixen’s power to draw on the abilities of animals (bird flight, skunk scent, dolphin echolocation, etc) are mystical in nature. She’d probably be more at home on Constantine. This could be the door to bring the weirder stuff into that world, which could only mean good things.

That’s assuming, of course, that “set in the same shared universe” means more than a cameo from an animated Grant Gustin. Here’s hoping they cast a voice actress that can also play the character in live-action guest spots on Flash/Arrow/Supergirl/Titans/Whatever Else Is Coming Down The Pipeline.

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