These DOCTOR WHO Videos Are A Good Way To Spend Some Time (See What I Did There?)

The BBC put up a few Doctor Who videos in the past couple of days, they’re definitely worth a look.

The first is the prequel we probably should have gotten before the season finale (instead of the promo clip that was called a prequel). It features the Whisper Men and actually makes them kind of threatening, something the episode never really managed to do.

Next we have a brief clip of everyone’s favorite Sontaran, Strax, making a report back to Sontar. I don’t know why, but for some reason I’m reminded of Invader Zim here. I feel like whoever he’s reporting to is just rolling their eyes and laughing at him. This does have a spoiler for the end of “The Name of the Doctor” if you’re one the three fans that hasn’t had a chance to see it yet.

Lastly we’ve got another Strax clip. This time he’s being kind of adorable, answering kids’ questions and, well, threatening them. I love Strax so much.

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