This Clip And The Theme From SKYFALL Are Bond As Hell

Dr. No had its premiere on October 5, 1962, which makes the 50th anniversary the cinematic James Bond. Feel free to celebrate with a martini and your favorite of the franchise (mine is From Russia With Love), but first you might want to check out what’s coming up next for Britain’s top spy.

First up we have a bit of what looks like one of the big action scenes.

Huh, who knew Same Mendes could shoot action? Also, it’s kind of nice to see a continuation of Craig’s Bond’s habit of running across narrow things.

There’s also Adele’s theme for new film, sharing the title “Skyfall”. And it sounds exactly like a Bond theme.

Exactly like a Bond theme. And I kinda really like it. And I kinda really feel guilty about that.

Daniel Craig’s long-delayed third outing hits theatres in the UK on October 26 and in America on November 9.

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